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Many clients from all over the world applaud our contribution as a manufacturer & exporter of innovative Hydraulic Sample Press, Comprehensive Environmental Testing Machine, Electronic Densimeter, and other products.
About Our Company 

Located in Taiwan Central Science Park in Taichung, we, U-CAN Dynatex Inc., are a world leader dealing in innovative and accurate analytical instruments and testing equipment like PVT Tester, Rubber Process Analyzer and Tensile Strength Tester. We proudly identify as the first polymer testing instruments manufacturer from our country, which not only engineers sophisticated products for testing and other works, but also backs them with quick Installation Services, post-sale. Designed to precision for ideally serving many critical applications, our range is internationally demanded and sold to our global clients at negotiable prices.

Our first major product among our 18 top sellers is Analyzer, which can accurately gauge the physical property changes of polymer materials during chemical reactions stemming from processing activities. Therefore, we boast of having many clients from polymer industries of Taiwan and abroad who have been counting on the functional excellence of our products since many years. Our innovation to thrive and excel have catapulted us to grand heights in business today, with a vast network of global clients that rely on our analytical instruments and testing equipment for getting fast, repeatable and accurate measurements.

Our Team

The team at U-CAN knows how to integrate features in products that can timely and flawlessly measure the properties of various kinds of fluids and even a range of complex materials. Well-versed in precision mechanical design & control (including electronic circuit design), sensing signal acquisition & processing, software programming, etc., they can continually come up with intelligent products aligning with the challenging demands of customers.

Our Network

U-CAN with its commitment to pushing all tangible and intangible frontiers have spread its wings across various markets. Currently, it has 5 company branches in Chongqing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Ningbo City and Guangzhou, and 2 liaison offices in China. It is also empowered by the support of 18 U-CAN agents who work to render just in time assistance to valued clients in almost 25 countries across the world, including the following:

  • Japan
  • France
  • USA
  • Korea
  • Brazil 
  • Indian Subcontinent
  • Middle East

Future Plan

U-CAN aspires to emerge as an unrivalled leader in the field of polymer analytical instruments and testing equipment in the global market even though the competition there is unimaginably tough. It aims to take the rubber instrumentation industry of Taiwan to the forefront of this challenging field with its expertise and experience in engineering and exporting PVT Tester, Rubber Process Analyzer and Tensile Strength Tester.
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